We value the Bible as the authoritative and inspired word of God, and the only absolute standard of truth.

We value prayer for communication between ourselves and God.

We value corporate worship that is God-centered, and preaching that is expository.

We value evangelism both at home and abroad through personal witness and missions.

We value making disciples who make a difference in our community and culture.

We value spiritual growth opportunities that nurture individuals and families (e.g., Christian education, small group ministry, Bible studies).

We value shepherding and fellowship among the congregation that results in loving relationships that are Christ-centered and encouraging in service to the Lord.

We value sharing the love of Christ through acts of service and mercy to those in need.

We value building strategic bridges with our community for the purpose of displaying the gospel in everyday life.

We value the continual development of staff and lay leaders through the enhancement of their gifts.

We value God’s people giving of their time, talent, and resources to further the work of the Kingdom.

We value growth, being willing to take risks for the cause of healthy qualitative and quantitative growth.