Pastor's Perspective 

Dear Church Family,

Well, so far the elders have declined to allow me to go by "Father Smith." Not sure what their hold up is. If you didn't get a request from me asking for cash for cancer patients, consider yourself fortunate. For the record, I will never personally appeal to you for funds. Those requests will always come either through the elders or deacons.
Speaking of appeals for support, we have a mission trip to east Atlanta coming up very shortly. I think the goal for their trip is $6,600. At last count there were going to be more than 15 folks giving their time to help MNA missionaries minister to a very diverse multi-ethnic community in east Atlanta. The Mission's Team appreciates your prayers and support as they take hold of this opportunity.

If supporting that ministry isn't your cup of tea, then perhaps being a part of the Sheds of HOPE ministry that Dick Forrester heads up is more your speed. It seems like every time I turn on the news there is another natural disaster somewhere and another PCA Church is mobilizing in their local community to help victims. The MNA disaster relief ministry is one of the best run and most active ministries our denomination has and Dick and his team are blazing a trail for other churches to follow in supporting the effort.

Since support seems to be the theme, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the PCA's Chaplain Ministries. You do this directly by supporting me in the Air Force / Air National Guard. I can't thank you enough for your questions, prayers, and support of my family while I am away serving our citizen Airmen. If you think about it, pray for me June 18-23. I will be in the middle of my first 5-year inspection as the new Wing Chaplain. I think we are ready! July will be my annual training and I will be out for several weeks as my Chaplain team trains to provide for the religious needs of our Airmen.

Finally, thank you for the many ways you serve in the ministry of LOPC to make disciples. You are making a difference!
Serving you,
"Father" of 5, Sam