Pastor's Perspective 

Micro Disasters

Our Sheds of HOPE team has barely finished loading the sheds they recently built onto MNA’s Disaster Relief trailer to be shipped to Rome, GA when news of Hurricane Harvey started to ramp up. In the disaster relief business, it isn’t “IF” but “WHEN”. The next natural disaster is always right around the corner. A flood here, a tornado there, a hurricane now. Being prepared is the key to weathering the storm well.

But those disasters aren’t the only disasters we face. All around us every day there are what I call “micro disasters” unfolding. An illness here, a death in the family there, a depression now. These situations don’t garner headlines usually, but they are no less destructive, dangerous, and potentially faith destroying. In those circumstances, the body of Christ becomes family. We love in tangible ways and we support one another. LOPC does this well and it is very encouraging to see a church that is preparing for the big disasters and loving well in the “micro disasters” too.

We will be best suited for this type of love and support when we are taking care of ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically, and when we are thoughtfully moving out into the congregation. Worship+2 is an effective way to accomplish both readiness items. As you involve yourself in a Berean Sunday School class, Fellowship Group, or bible study you will be growing spiritually and congregationally. Right now is a great time to be thinking about expanding your involvement as we begin a new Sunday School section (with some great classes!) and Fellowship Groups restart.

Semper Paratus,

Pastor Sam Smith