Pastor's Perspective 

Winter Bible Conference

I hope you will be attending the Winter Bible Conference scheduled for February 15–17 (counting Sunday morning). Dr. Mark Futato will be taking us through the book of Jonah under the title “Finding the Heart of God.” His subtitle is noteworthy: “The Book of Jonah as Our Story.”

That subtitle could be added to every book of the Bible, for every story and every type of writing included in the Scriptures make up our story. I like watching the PBS TV show, “Finding Your Roots,” in which Henry Louis Gates sits down with individuals and reveals to them what had been their unknown ancestry. Invariable the person is deeply moved as they grasp the bigger story of their lives. If not before, they find that they belong to a long line of real people—people who are family.

And so are we to see the same as we look through the pages of the Old and New Testaments. As Paul makes clear, we are the descendants of Abraham. And we are the descendants of the apostles. We belong to the big story of the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. We share the same faith, the same hope. We share the same experiences. We all have the same God. We belong to them and to one another. As you read your Bible, keep in mind that you are reading your family ancestry. You, too, are finding your roots.

Pastor Marion