Pastor's Perspective 

An Anchor That Holds

It has never been easier to learn about your ancestry than it is today. From popular websites that have become a vast repository of family data, to easy and cheap DNA testing, you can now trace and follow your family back in time. Learning about your family history can be fun, intriguing, and downright scary! I like the feeling of connectedness that comes from knowing about my family tree. The fact that one of my ancestors fought in the American Revolution in General George Washington's army gives me a keen sense of belonging when I think about our country.

Since this is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, we have been looking back at that period a bit this year. One of the many encouraging parts of this celebration is the reminder of our connectedness in the history of the church. As Presbyterian/Reformed folk, our spiritual roots go back to the Reformation and beyond. In a day and time where the internet and television and smartphones are transmitting information at the speed of a click, to know that the Reformers examined every possible doctrine that matters, and formed confessions and creeds and catechisms to transmit their understanding of "the church," is a wonderful legacy.

Our own Westminster Confession contains a summary of biblical teaching on every major doctrine of the Christian religion. It is a fabulous tool that I would encourage you to have in your toolbox. It was written in the 1640s and has withstood lots of fads that have come and gone. I invite you to take this anniversary opportunity to dig back through our collective church history and to be encouraged that every wind of doctrine and the latest fads are easily weathered in light of being anchored to the Protestant Reformation.

God Bless & Semper Reformanda (Always Reforming)!

Pastor Sam Smith