Pastor's Perspective 

Merry Christmas

Over the years one of the things that has intrigued me and strengthened my desire to know more of Scripture is the earthy nature of the characters on its pages. There they are, in black and white, living out life just like I am. When I have a disagreement with someone, I am reminded by Paul to get along with that person. And the way that he reminds me isn’t simply by saying, “get along!”, but by exhorting other people to make peace.

Likewise, I find great comfort in the expressions of biblical characters: the laments of Lamentations, the loud sighing of the psalmist, usually David, and the prayerful expressions of troubled faith. Toss into the mix real life stories of failure and success in the book of Judges and you realize you are not alone. In fact, our Savior went through all the struggles of life. Disregard the line in the hymn “Away in a Manger” that says,

     The cattle are lowing
     The poor baby wakes
     But little Lord Jesus
     No crying he makes

That, as they say, is bologna…sliced and packaged! Not only did he cry, he was just like every other baby ever was. Jesus showed lots of emotion because he was human just like we are. He wept, became angry, cried out in pain, experienced the sorrow of separation and more. He was just like you and me in every way, but he was without sin.

That is at the core of the Christmas message. Jesus, born into a regular family, lived a regular life, for regular people. He gave up the good life for the regular life so that you and I might be citizens of his kingdom!

Pastor Sam