Pastor's Perspective 

Did You Know?

Do you know who Amy Carmichael is? Perhaps you have heard of Jim and Elisabeth Elliott? Jim Elliott was one of 5 missionaries that was killed ministering to the Auca Indians in Ecuador. His story is widely known, and his wife Elisabeth carried on her ministry until her death in 2015. What you may not know is that Jim and Elisabeth Elliott were largely influenced and challenged to take on their missionary endeavors because of the life and ministry of Amy Carmichael.

Amy was a missionary in India and served there, without a furlough, for 53 long years. She opened an orphanage there and had a broad, vibrant and long ministry to the people of India. Her ministry left an enduring legacy in India. Amy, who was born in Ireland, might be said to have fostered the first ministry that targeted “sex trafficking” since children were often given as slaves to the local Hindu temple where they were often abused.

Her work in India eventually produced laws that protected children from various types of societal abuses. Her work is still celebrated today and of course it is nearly impossible to know how many lives were changed by her work. The young children she advocated for, served, and ministered to had their lives changed. Her last twenty years she was bedridden but stayed in India were she kept praying, writing, and leading a movement that gave dignity and value to the unwanted children of India.

This Summer one of the Berean Sunday School classes, For All the Saints, will be looking at people in church history that did amazing things for the Kingdom of God simply by making themselves available. This is a terrific opportunity to learn FROM the lives of saints who have gone before you. Who knows, you might find your life changed by someone else’s story, just like Jim and Elisabeth Elliott did.

Pastor Sam Smith