Pastor's Perspective 

Looking into the Heavens

I’ve always loved to look into the night sky and observe the stars and the planets. I remember being a young airman sitting in a foxhole in the Nevada desert, far away from any light pollution, looking into the night sky. There were stars showing off the glory of God that night I had never seen.

The story of our salvation is a little like the night sky. No matter how many times you have looked into its depths you always come away seeing something that you had not seen before. It has been said that the gospel is a pool shallow enough for a toddler to wade into and deep enough for an elephant to swim across. Peter tells us that the subject is one that angels never tire of looking into.

Part of the gospel is the story of restoration. Not only an individual and personal restoration, but as Paul has told us in Romans 8, the restoration of ALL THINGS. He says that even the creation is eagerly awaiting its restoration.

Heaven is a part of that restoration story and a part of the story of our redemption. That is why we are taking the time to investigate the subject. I hope as we do it will be a little like looking into the night sky.  An “a-ha” moment here, a breathtaking sight there, and a general feeling of amazement as we consider how the story of redemption (including Heaven) begins and ends and includes us

Pastor Sam