A periodic visit includes spending time with the residents and playing Bingo, which brings a little joy into their otherwise quiet lives. A devotional starts our time together. Volunteers help those that have a little problem seeing or keeping up with their cards, while others pass out the baskets filled with prizes such as chips, crackers, puzzles, and other items. After Bingo is finished, where everyone wins, we treat the residents to a delicious dessert along with fellowship.

Each Christmas season we try to spread some Christmas cheer to the residents. The December celebration is fun filled with singing and music, and sometimes our hand bell choir will perform. There is also a devotional reading and delicious desserts.  

If you have an interest in bringing the love of Jesus to these elderly residents by volunteering or would like to sign up to volunteer to make a dessert for this ministry, please call Suzanne Schumacher 706-485-5788 or Johna Unger 770-378-1642 to volunteer. This ministry is also flexible, simply RSVP when able to participate.