Our annual meeting on January 9th, 2016 at First Presbyterian Church in Macon, GA was attended by 10 of our women along with several other churches in the Central Georgia Presbytery. This is always a meeting full of information for the women in the Presbytery and this year was no exception.

Attendees gathered at 9:00 a.m. at the church to join an enthusiastic group from all over Georgia. After a fellowship time that outgoing President Jane Bowman couldn’t get settled down without that beautiful gavel, we turned serious for our meeting and anxiously awaited all the news for the year, from our missionary Tim Mares; updates from our RUF representative Amanda DeYoung; to our featured speaker, Lisa Hellier.

In 2016 the Presbytery has instituted regional conferences nearer in geography to all parts of the country. This decision by our CDM (Committee of Discipleship Ministry) at national PCA was made last year and the monies from our 2014 Love Gift to CDM have helped launch these regional conferences. The conference in Birmingham will occur September 9 & 10, 2016 and the conference in Charlotte will occur October 28 & 29, 2016. We hope that many of our women at LOPC will take advantage of these very reasonably priced conferences ($75.00 for the 2 days) this year. Nancy Guthrie will be the keynote speaker at both these conferences and Lisa Hellier (our wonderful retreat speaker last year) will be a speaker at the Birmingham site. More information will be out later this spring so watch for it.

Tim Mares, our missionary speaker this year, partners with our own LOPC sponsored missionary, Jonathan Hastings, up in Clarkston, GA, and he gave a brief update on the settlement area and the major need for more partners to help with these refugees.

We then heard a wonderful testimony from our incoming president, Esther Marie Lawrence, including a recent miracle in the Macon area of how powerful prayer really can be, and how God honors those who pray “in his will.” She will be a dynamic president for Central GA Presbytery and I look forward to her interactions with us these next 2 years.

Finally, our featured speaker Lisa Hellier shared her talk, “No Worries in a Year of Drought: Putting Your Trust in the LORD” which was based on Jeremiah 17. She talked about the struggle man has had since he left (or was removed from) the City of God in the Garden that God had created for him, to the City of Man that he lives in today and asked the question: “What legacy are we leaving for our children?” We can continue to stand alone as in the City of Man or we can place our trust in the Lord and follow the life that the Word describes as we trust in him for our strength. We find then that trust IS the Lord in every aspect of our life living it out in community with each other.